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After School Summer Camp Programme

Outdoor  Activities

1.     Wiggly Worm.
2.     Jumping through Crocodile.
3.     Run and Jump into Bunny Holes.
4.     Simon Says.
5.     Rope Jumping.
6.     Bean Bag Lifting.
7.     In and Out Jumping.
8.     Tramline Tunnels.
9.     Statues.
10.   Slalom Running.
11.   Run around Caterpillar.
12.   Chicken and Egg.
13.   Beam Balancing.
14.   Sack Racing.
15.   Big Balls-Bats/Tennis Balls-Rolling, Throwing, Hitting, Heading the Ball, Catching the Ball.
16.   Obstacle Course.
17.   Rounders.     

Indoor  Activities

18.   Indoor Games.
19.   Cooking.
20.   Musical Games.
21.   Treasure Hunt.
22.   Arts and Crafts.

The Children will also have the opportunity to partake in any of the outdoor activities that can be adapted to our Indoor Space.

Visit this page regularly for updates on resources.